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Content Disarm & Reconstruction

CDR is effective against zero-day threats and unknown malware, which traditional signature-based detection might miss. Many cyberattacks originate from email attachments. CDR helps sanitize these attachments before they reach the user. SquareX sanitizes the files downloaded from the internet in real-time, reducing the risk of downloading malicious content. By ensuring that files are clean and safe to use, SquareX helps maintain smooth business operations without disruptions caused by malware infections. This is particularly useful for enterprises who have strict regulatory requirements for data protection. CDR helps enterprises comply with these regulations by ensuring that all incoming files are safe.

Download macro-free Office Documents, especially when suspicious or malicious macros is detected

Office documents may be embedded with macros, which are executable code that help in automating tasks in Office documents. However, they can also be exploited with embedded shell commands and other system intrusive operations. With SquareX, employees can download macro-free versions of the Office files that they require. This process ensures that any macros, even suspicious or malicious ones are stripped out, rendering the document safe to use.

Download PDF versions of Office Documents, especially when suspicious or malicious macros is detected

Converting Office documents to PDFs through Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) technology provides an additional layer of security by ensuring that any embedded threats are neutralized. PDFs are less likely to execute harmful code, making them a safer alternative for document handling.