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Browser Isolation

Enterprises can use SquareX browser isolation technology to isolate suspicious websites. The isolation solution creates a secure, separate environment where the user can view the website without exposing their system to potential risks. This environment acts as a containment area, preventing any potentially malicious content from affecting the user's device.

With SquareX, browser isolation can be seamlessly enforced using the “Isolate” effect within site policies.

Isolate all free hosted sites

Free hosted sites are often used to distribute harmful content as they are easy to setup and can leverage domain authority of the hosting platform to evade some of the security checks. Isolating these sites ensures users do not inadvertently download or execute malware. Admins can prompt Isolate all free hosted sites to create this policy. The expected outcome would be:

Isolate domains with Unicode characters

Domains with Unicode characters can be used to spoof legitimate sites. Isolating these domains helps prevent phishing attacks. Admins can prompt Isolate domains with unicode characters to generate this policy. The expected outcome would be: