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SquareX's Deterministic Leap: Disrupting Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security's Confidence Crisis: The Probabilistic Model Flaw

The current generation of endpoint security products operates using a Probabilistic Security Model. They strive to classify a file, website, or digital resource as "malicious" or "safe" and block access to anything detected as "malicious". Besides being plagued by both false positives and negatives, blocking access can significantly impact user productivity. This leads to users at times disabling security products as a workaround to getting work done.
Moreover, since every product uses different detection algorithms, the same file or website marked as "safe" by one product might be flagged as "malicious" by another. This inconsistency leads to confusion and panic. Uploading a file to a site like VirusTotal vividly demonstrates the breadth of the detection spectrum and how miserably this model is failing.
Additionally, existing products fail to address many important use cases. For example, is the airport or coffee shop Wi-Fi you just connected to safe? Could it be conducting a man-in-the-middle attack? Has the website you visit regularly been hacked and started serving exploits from a third-party domain? Unfortunately, by working in a silo and relying solely on host-based heuristics, the existing products fall short, especially when facing hybrid attacks requiring to put together network, host and web browsing visibility.

SquareX's Deterministic Security Model: a Disruptive Approach

SquareX is the world's first product built from the ground up using a Deterministic Security Model applied to all attack vectors. Unlike existing products, SquareX NEVER BLOCKS access to files or websites. Remarkably, it allows you to open any suspicious file or website (including those with real malware) with absolutely zero chance of getting hacked. By prioritizing user experience and productivity, SquareX ensures that users never have to choose between getting their work done and staying secure.
With SquareX, users don't have to worry about whether a file or website is "safe" or "malicious". Opening it with SquareX guarantees safety. SquareX achieves this by having the user's browser work in tandem with its cloud service. Files or websites are opened in disposable cloud environments, but they are integrated seamlessly into the user's browser, ensuring no change in workflow. The disposable cloud environments create watertight sandboxes, so even if the file or website contains malware or exploits, it can neither attack the user nor SquareX's infrastructure. After the user has finished with the file or website, they can dispose of the environment with a single click, which destroys all session data including the files, viewing history, and any changes made.
SquareX's vision is to create an integrated solution for a user's online security, anonymity, and privacy needs. By adopting the contrarian approach of using a Deterministic Security Model and offering a unified, fully integrated solution for network, host, and web browsing threats, SquareX is confident in its potential to disrupt the existing endpoint security space and prioritize user experience and productivity once more.

SquareX: Integrated solution to secure all user workflows

Coupling host, network, and browsing signal intelligence from the user's endpoint with its cloud intelligence, SquareX protects the user wherever they go, applying a deterministic security model to their workflows so that they remain productive while security happens in the background seamlessly.

Here are some scenarios where SquareX keeps you deterministically safe:

Connecting to an open Wi-Fi at the airport and worried if it's monitoring you?

View a suspicious website link you received over email or via social media.

View a suspicious document you received from an unknown sender or via USB or Network shares?

Worried about losing your privacy and anonymity online?

Afraid to open documents and links via messengers like WhatsApp and Telegram?

and dozens of other workflow scenarios ...

See SquareX in action:

Browse blocked sites fearlessly
Open email attachments fearlessly
View files on the Internet fearlessly
Open files from anywhere fearlessly
Zero worries about Zero Days!
View suspicious sites fearlessly
View emails privately
View downloads safely
Detect Malicious Email Attachments on Gmail Instantly